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Zaton Quest - Ancient Story
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Zaton Quest Story
zaton quest story

Sometime in the near future the world was altered; the exact timing was difficult to predict but what once was became no more. Earth was changed forever; creating a new world.. a dangerous world.. and so began the time of the zaton

A black cloud blocked out the sun and descended down onto the people below, the temperature plummeting to minus 5 degrees and the winds picking up. A girl playing hop scotch let out a sigh and abruptly fell to the ground unmoving; suddenly one by one people everywhere were dropping like flies. One man, strangely half awake managed to see great hordes of abhorrent beasts floating down upon the street before he blacked out. Finally awaking to gaze at a world which was his no longer but a world changed. A world that was new and terrifying...

People everywhere found they had a symbol imbedded on their hand, glowing gold under the moonlight, the streets were filled with groans and cries as they realised their homes had been demolished and in its place rumble laid. Creatures of the night crept out and let out their mournful cries of despair vanishing before the eyes of the shocked people. Suddenly a loud humming filled the ears of the people of earth and all at once the message was delivered, loud and clear the sudden realisation that this was no dream, that this was a game.. this was real and terrifying.

Who will seek the knowledge to know what's beyond the sight and look deeper for the truth... Who will find the secret to the mystifying creatures that now plague the earth creating a new world... Who will become the Zaton... Find out in Zaton Quest!

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